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Mare Mix

4 lbs Bag - $168.00 / 1 lbs Bag - $47.00

Aids in balancing endocrine (PMS) system, boosts immune system. Keeping lower back soft, so your mare can stay engaged in the hind end (keep her butt underneath her) and not have to pull in the front end (keep her head down). Decreases pain, inflammation, helps with anxiety / worry, and aids in digestion. This will help make your mare happy. Do not feed this to pregnant mares.

CONTAINS: Garlic, Wild Yam, Uva Ursa, Yucca, Raspberry Leaf, Chamomile, Chaste Tree Berries, Rose Hips, Damiana, Turmeric, Unconditional Love

DOSAGE: 1 tbsp Daily

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Happy Belly

1.5 lbs Bag - $70.00 / 13 oz Bag - $40.00

Aids in digestion, keeping the stomach happy and balanced to prevent ulcers.

CONTAINS: Licorice, Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root, Neem Leaf, Yucca Root, Strawberry Leaf, Good Vibes

DOSAGE: 1 tbsp Daily

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One A Day

2.12 lbs - $112.00

This is a maintenance supplement, aids in boosting the immune system, controlling viruses and supporting tissue repair. Helps balance endocrine system and food absorption.

CONTAINS: Kelp, L-Lysine, Bee Pollen, Nutritional Yeast, Spirulina, Astralgus, Vitamin C, Abundance in Health

DOSAGE: 1 tbsp Daily

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EP Not

4 lbs - $140.00

Is formulated for horses who have been clinically diagnosed with EPM. Its support to the body while going through treatment and can also be used, post treatment.

CONTAINS: Garlic, Hawthorn Berries, Blood Root, Mugwort, Golden Seal, Walnut Hills, Wormwood

DOSAGE: 1 tbsp Daily

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2 lbs - $70.00

Aids in controlling nervous energy and anxiety while allowing your horse to maintain its competitive edge, keeping the ability to compete and do their job.

CONTAINS: Buckthorn, Beetroot, Chamomile, Cornsilk, Valerian, Passion Flower, Oatstraw, Hops, Serenity

DOSAGE: 1 tsp Daily

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Young & Old

4 lbs Bag - $140.00 / 1 lbs Bag - $40.00

This is formula is targeted at the horse in training/competition under 5 years and the horse in competition over 15 years. It is designed to make it easy for the body to function while working and competing. Will also aid with inflammation, circulation and keeps organs happy and tummy/guts feeling good.

CONTAINS: Garlic, Kelp, Hawthorns, Beetroot, Cornsilk, Parsley, Oregano, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Borage, Papaya, White Willow, Yucca, Nettle Rosemary, Nutritional Yeast, Happiness

DOSAGE: 1 tbsp Daily

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Happy Woofer

169 Doses Per Bag - $45.00

This formula is designed for your dogs overall general health. Everything from gut function, hair coat, mobility, to bad breath. This formula will make your woofer happy.

CONTAINS: Desiccated Liver, Meadow Sweet, White Willow, Kelp, Bliss, Hawthorn Berry, Yeast Flakes, Horse Tail

DOSAGE: Under 65 lbs - 1 tsp Daily | Over 65 lbs - 2 tsp Daily

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Joint Formula

4 lbs Bag - $112.00 / 1 lbs Bag - $40.00

Decreases pain and inflammation, boosts the immune system, creates circulation, assists digestion and helps balance the stomach to guard against ulcers.

CONTAINS: Garlic, Slippery Elm, Neem Leaf, Nettle, Willow, Tumeric, Dandelion, Astralgus, Meadow Sweet, Harmoney

DOSAGE: 1 tbsp Daily

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This product is amazing! I have all my horses on it. Keeps them all feeling happy and healthy and ready to compete!

. . . .

Mary Coles, 34 years

My old barrel gelding was starting to get stiff and sore last summer so I put him on the joint formula and the young and old and now it's like he's 6 again.

. . . .

Kim Geduhn-Cooper

Love love love SharpEdge!!! Our horses are on the focus and joint supplements and cannot believe the change in our horses!!

. . . .

Kelley Jonathan Drake

I started my 2 Performance horses on SharpEdge about 3 weeks ago. They have both been solid 3D horses for me for about 3 years, nothing more, nothing less.

. . . .

Deanna Schmunk