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Brook's Supplements

Brook Robertson

Professional Barrel Racer

CFR Qualifier
Cinch Pro Rodeo Canada Series Final qualifier
Wrangler Pro Tour Finals Qualifier
2 x FCA Champion

Just over a year ago I contacted Tracy Sharpe to help me with my mare, Jewel. We had just finished off a successful CFR but I felt that we could do a few things different to make Jewel feel even better. Tracy put her on a program and within a very short time I had already noticed a difference with her. She felt better than ever! She 14 this year and has never looked or felt better.

In July, I acquired another mare that had some "quirks". I immediately started her on Sharpedge Supplements and she improved dramatically. All of my horses are now using these supplements and they love them. The benefits are undeniable. So many horse products and supplements are over processed, diluted, pasteurized, or have sugar and or additives. I love these products because they are pure and they work! I'm beyond excited to be a part of Team Sharpe Edge! Thank you to Melissa & Tracy for inviting us to be involved in this wonderful journey.

Katie's Supplements

Katie Garthwaite

Professional Barrel Racer

NFR Qualifier
2 x CFR Qualifier
American Semifinals Qualifier
CBHI Futurity Champion
South Country Derby Champion

I'm excited to be apart of team SharpEdge. I ride a variety of different barrel horses from just starting colts to the older finished ones. SharpEdge has a product for all of them. I can't really pick a most favourite as I use them all and see the benefits by them all. There is a lot of products out there but in my opinion SharpEdge is one of the best. My horses have never looked or felt better. We are ready to get 2016 started!!

Niki's Supplements

Niki Flundra


6 x National Finals Rodeo
14 x Canadian Finals Rodeo
14 x Rodeo Houston
1 x Calgary Stampede

Niki Flundra is living her dreams as she travels North America as a Professional Liberty Horse Trainer, Entertainer, Professional Stunt Woman, and Clinician. Niki has worked on 23 feature films and television shows as a stunt woman and stunt horse provider. Most recently working on the hit tv show Heartland.

In professional rodeo Niki has been selected 6 consecutive times as Contract Act of the year in Canada. Her resume includes, 6 x National Finals Rodeo, 14 x Canadian Finals Rodeo, 14 x Rodeo Houston, 11 x Calgary Stampede, 5 x San Antonio Stock Show, 4 x Fort Worth Rodeo and Stock Show Denver CO, Reno NV, Pendleton OR, Cheyenne WY, Austin TX, Waco TX, and many more.

She has been honoured to perform for the Prime Minister of Canada and The President of The United States. Her travels have even taken her to Australia to perform! Niki resides along with her husband, 3x Canadian Saddle bronc Champion Dustin Flundra, and their two sons on a Ranch in Southern Alberta. It is Niki’s hope that she can continue to share her love for horses with the world!

Carman's Supplements

Carman Pozzobon

Professional Barrel Racer

SharpEdge has been in my program of training and competing for the last 14 yrs. We've had many achievements over these years and continue to keep reaching championships with the health that SharpEdge helps my herd maintain through the whole year of Futurities and Rodeos. Each horse of mine are on their own supplement formulas as individuals depending on what they are going through in their stage of life and their everyday maintenance.

I love the way it's a natural blend the horses eat it right out of my palm. Can use it on myself as a tea. I've had a lot of success with SharpEdge getting horses comfortable and balanced in mind and hormones to be able to be clear minded and stay confident through each season. As well as maintain a healthy weight and immune system through the season of the stresses of being on the road and being pushed to be a champion. I'm so thankful to be on such a amazing team with so many successful team mates. Excited to see all the future success SharpEdge helps us achieve from here on out!

Dawn Links

Professional Barrel Racer

Turned Pro in 1991
Qualifier for 8 CFRs
Canadian Championship Winner in 1994 and 1997

With 40 years of riding, competing under my belt I have fed about everything out there. Most of these products being quite expensive and not that great.

One thing I have found so frustrating over all those years was what to feed for supplements. Seemed like I was always having to mix things together and it be messy plus never knew what to feed what horse. The biggest pet peeve was not seeing a difference in my horses. Physically or mentally. I have been lucky enough to use SharpEdge since the beginning when Tracy created it. SharpEdge is by far the simplest most straightforward supplement I've ever fed. I know exactly what my horses are getting, they will eat it out of my hand - yes all of them even the picky ones and trust me I've had many horses on it.

It all fits in one bin. I know exactly what to give each horse. And most importantly I see a difference in my horses!! I can even tell when it's time to cut back on one thing or feed more of something. I could not ask for a better product. It is truly a big reason we have met goals And will be reaching many more goals that have been set for my partners - my horses. It's a very exciting time for SharpEdge and their team!! Very proud to share and promote such a pure true product!!

Joleen's Supplements

Joleen Seitz

Professional Barrel Racer

2004 CPRA Rookie of the Year
2006 Calgary Stampede Champion
2006 CPRA Season Leader
2006 Alberta Champion

I'm a 9-time Canadian finals and Calgary Stampede qualifier owner of Horse with most heart 2006 and 2007. I'm extremely excited to be apart of the Sharpedge team. Being one of the newer members, I feel very privileged and honoured to be picked as part of the team. Throughout the years I have learned that maintenance and nutrition are key products in success for your horse and its well-being to handle all the miles and hard work. SharpEdge offers all these things in one package.

From their own personal hand picked ingredients to meet each nutritional need for your horse, to massage acupuncture. I can't wait for what 2016 has in store!

Veronica's Supplements

Veronica Swales

Professional Barrel Racer

2012 CALGARY STAMPEDE Limited Open Bridle Champion
2012 COWTOWN DERBY Limited Open Bridle Champion
2012 COWTOWN DERBY Open Bridle Champion
2012 CLASSIC BARREL FUTURITY Short Go Reserve Champion
2011 CANADIAN SNAFFLE BIT FUTURITY Reserve Open Bridle Champion
2011 CANADIAN SUPREME Reserve CS Open Snaffle Bit Futurity Champion

SharpEdge Products to me are very valuable in my feeding program. With our show seasons being so long and hectic my horses can get tired and drained from all the hauling and performing. With the SharpEdge supplements my horses feel just as good at the end of the year as they do at the beginning. Also, with the wide variety of supplements you can cover so many of their needs depending on the horse and their performance level from Joints, to ulcers, immune system and so much more.

I also have had great success with my older retired performance horses. Some of them have severe arthritis from there show career and with the SharpEdge (Young & Old and Joint Formula) They are still enjoying a happy and comfortable life. It is amazing the difference it makes to them.

Kirsty's Supplements

Kirsty White

Professional Barrel Racer, Barrel Horse Trainer

2 x CFR Qualifier
6 x Calgary Stampede Qualifier
2 x Cinch Tour Finals Qualifier, year end leader and Cinch Finals Champion
SFR Go Round Winner
Pincher Creek Champ 3 years in a row
Reserve Superstakes Champion
Winner and Reserve Champ at Dunns Memorial Barrel Race

I had been having trouble last year with sick horses at my house leading up to the CFR, as a result my mare suffered a virus before the finals last year, so I approached Tracy about the product, mainly the One A Day, she emphasized I put her on the Mare Mix as well as Happy Belly, I'm so thrilled to say my horse has never looked or felt this good !!! She has always been a bit fragile on the road, will go off her feed and such. She looks better than she ever has and seems more settled, these products are the perfect fit for my horses, I'm thrilled to be a part of the team and excited for the coming year!!! It's going to be awesome!!!

Julie's Supplements

​Julie Leggett

Professional Barrel Racer

2013: Ice and Vanessa win 3rd at the National High School finals Rodeo, BCBRA 2013 Finals Reserve Champion, qualified for BCRA Finals.​ ​Qualified for the short goes of some major rodeos in Canada and the ​​U.S.

2014: Pro Rodeo winner, CFR Qualifier, 4th in Canada. Go round winner at ​​The CFR. CPRA Grassroots Finalist. Flurry won the short go of the CBR Coastal Classic Futurity.

2015: Cloverdale Pro Rodeo Invitational Champion, Pro Rodeo winner, CFR Qualifier, 4th in​ ​Canada. Top fifty in the WPRA. Cinch Pro Tour finalist. CBHI Derby Champion ( Flurry). Qualified for the short go of major Pro rodeos in Canada and the U.S. Tucson, Ponoka

I've been feeding the SharpEdge Equine supplements to my barrel racing horses for just over six months and I love how my horses are feeling and working. My Pro horse FDI Cash to Burn is fourteen this year and it's very important to me to keep him healthy and strong. I've been giving him Once a Day, Young and Old, Joint Formula, Happy Belly, and Focus. I think the Young and Old and the Joint Formula are really important to maintain his joint health and keep him feeling young. And like all competitive horses Ice tends to show symptoms of ulcers, and the Happy Belly helps decrease the symptoms of them in a natural way. Focus helps him also stay sharp and mentally handle the stresses of rodeo. I know that this product makes a difference to him because he eats his entire bucket of grain mix every night.

I also feed the supplements to my seven year old derby horse French Guys Effort. Flurry gets the Once a day, Young and Old, Joint Formula, Happy Belly and Focus as well. He is a big strong horse and I want to make sure I look after his joint health, Belly, and mind so he can continue to develop into my next great barrel horse. It's important to me that my horses feel great, have no pain, and love their job so that they give me 110 percent every run. SharpEdge Equine supplements are a huge part of how I accomplish this. Thanks Melissa for offering such a great product!!

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This product is amazing! I have all my horses on it. Keeps them all feeling happy and healthy and ready to compete!

. . . .

Mary Coles, 34 years

My old barrel gelding was starting to get stiff and sore last summer so I put him on the joint formula and the young and old and now it's like he's 6 again.

. . . .

Kim Geduhn-Cooper

Love love love SharpEdge!!! Our horses are on the focus and joint supplements and cannot believe the change in our horses!!

. . . .

Kelley Jonathan Drake

I started my 2 Performance horses on SharpEdge about 3 weeks ago. They have both been solid 3D horses for me for about 3 years, nothing more, nothing less.

. . . .

Deanna Schmunk