About Us



 My name is Melissa Genberg and since October 2015 I have been the proud owner of Sharpedge Equine Supplements. I acquired Sharpedge Equine Supplements because of the huge success I had feeding it to my horses. After trying many other products that didn’t seem to make any difference, I began feeding SharpEdge Supplements and was amazed by the improvements I noticed in my horses. When the opportunity came to purchase Sharpedge, I was beyond excited to be part of such a great product! I couldn’t imagine anything more rewarding than waking up in the morning and hand picking, mixing, and labeling each bag of supplements.
I take pride in every bag of product that makes its way to our customers and their 4-legged companions. The best part of this journey is Tracy Sharpe (the creator and founder of SharpEdge Equine Supplements) is a long time family friend. I have witnessed Tracy’s passion and joy for creating the SharpEdge products and I knew I would regret missing out on such an amazing opportunity. I am excited to continue working with Tracy to create new formulas and programs that work with a variety of horses and k-9’s. We currently offer 16 fantastic formulas and are excited to add new ones to our list in the future!

With new ownership came new opportunities. I decided to form Team SharpEdge, which consists of 10 incredible barrel racers of all levels. This team of competitors is very special to me, because they believe in both the business and the product to help them further their professional careers. We work together to ensure both horse and rider are in the best shape to compete at the highest levels. These girls work hard, train hard, and ride harder! In a short time we have become our own little family and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come!

We currently have 6 fantastic, hard working distributors throughout Canada and the USA. I am very excited to own such a tremendous company, and get to work with so many talented men and women.




I’m Natalie Kosterman. I met Tracy roughly 9 years ago through a close friend and t the time I was introduced to the supplements. I was instantly drawn in by the pureness of the method of mixing. The thought of keeping every herb in it’s whole form, not blended, not boiled or broken down, as organic as it could be as if it were harvested myself was so refreshing and real. Since that moment I always invested my own time into learning from Tracy, asking every question I had making sure I knew exactly what I was feeding, why I was feeding it, and what exactly it would do for my equine partner. In October of 2015 Tracy Sold SharpEdge to Melissa Genberg. I remember being at a barrel race and thinking to myself “wherever this company goes, I’m going too” and I continued my investment into SharpEdge along side Melissa.

Although not officially, I have felt as though I have been Melissa’s partner with SharpEdge since she purchased it in 2015. I invested my time day in and day out because I believed in what Tracy had created and continue to believe in the vision Melissa has. Tracy’s support, expertise, and passion for SharpEdge has and always will be an integral part of SharpEdge’s success and with growth comes change and new opportunities. That being said, I am proud and honoured to OFFICIALLY be Melissa’s business partner and Co-Owner of SharpEdge! When Melissa and I sat down to discuss the partnership she never hesitated stating “You’ve been my business partner all along, just without the paperwork!” Well here we are! I couldn’t be more excited to continue my investment into SharpEdge while taking on new challenges and roles within the company. I hope the addition of myself to the company brings great progress and growth and I hope you, the customer, knows that I will always go the extra mile for you and your equine/canine partners, just as I always have! Here’s to the future, may it be as bright as the sun!




Tracy Sharpe is the founder and creator of SharpEdge Supplements. Today, as a member of the SharpEdge team, she consults riders on what supplements are best for their horses. Tracy also brings 20+ years of expertise in equine therapy and is certified to offer the following services:

  • Chiropractic Care
  • Sports Therapy Massage
  • Reiki Master
  • Stretching
  • Rehabilitation
  • Acupressure
  • Physiology
  • Laser Therapy