“Love love love SharpEdge! Our horses are on Focus and Joint Supplements and cannot believe the change in our horses!!”

Kelley Jonathan Drake


“This product is amazing! I have all my horses on it. Keeps them all feeling happy and healthy and ready to compete!”

Mary Coles


"My old barrel gelding was starting to get stiff and sore last summer so I put him on the joint formula and the young and old and now it's like he's 6 again”

Kim Geduhn-Cooper


"I made the mistake of running out of mare mix once...I won't do that again! I can't believe the difference it makes in my mares moods."

Maddi Stoltman

Quality you can see

All-natural herbal supplements

We provide our clients with the highest quality all natural herbal supplements that are affordable, easy to feed, compatible with other products, and most importantly work and work quickly. Our supplements are custom blended by hand, made to order, and can be tailored specifically to each individual horse.

We do not process or refine any of the ingredients in our supplements into powders or liquids, we simply combine specific herbs, vegetables, and fruits together to create supplements that work and you can actually see in the palm of your hand.


Used By Winners

"Elite competitors do not settle for less. This is my edge!" -Julie Leggett, CFR qualifier

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