Team SharpEdge

Team SharpEdge is comprised of an incredible group of competitors from various levels, who use and love the SharpEdge products. Below you can see information on each team member and their favorite SharpEdge products.


Barrel Racer

My name is Natalie Kosterman and I’ve been using Sharpedge supplements for almost 10 years.  It started for me with a true “mare”, i was given some mare mix and saw results in weeks. After that i was hooked. Sharpedge has been the #1 staple in my feed program for every horse I have, from two year olds to retired horses. Being a part of Team Sharpedge is something I’m very proud of because I stand by these products and I believe in them. Sharpedge will always be a part of my program because it’s a product I will always stand behind ! #TeamSharpEdge


Professional Barrel Racer & YouTube Creator

SharpEdge products have been a staple in my feeding program for many years. I used to purchase Tracy's herb mixtures before she even started the company! I love all the supplements but one I really cannot live without is Mare Mix. I made the mistake of running out of it once and will not let that happen again! It makes such a huge difference is my mares mood and comfort, I believe every mare can benefit from it. Theres some sort of magic in that bag! I am proud to be part of the SharpEdge team and represent a company who creates the best herbal supplements around.