Team SharpEdge

Team SharpEdge is comprised of an incredible group of competitors from various levels, who use and love the SharpEdge products. Below you can see information on each team member and their favorite SharpEdge products.


2019 Canadian Champion Barrel Racer

My favourite Sharpedge product is One A Day. Famey gets it everyday. With traveling so much and staying in lots of different places, I can count on One A Day to help keep her immune system strong. My families 32 year old gelding “Cactus” also gets it everyday. It’s has stopped his head shaking during allergy season. I’m a firm believer in this product.


Professional Barrel Racer & 3X CFR Qualifier


Professional Barrel Racer

SharpEdge has been the biggest supplement in Rimes Girl’s feeding program that has never changed. I’ve never trusted a supplement more than Mare Mix and Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan (the little black pearls) to tame my dragon during the rodeo season, to calm her cycle and give her pain relief along her back. She steps off the trailer and is focused and ready to work, no matter how many hours she hauled or when she last made a run. Along with Mare Mix and the black pearls, Rime never goes too long without a cleanse, Kool Kidneys and Give’r to my Liver help when the season gets really busy. Thank you SharpEdge for being such an integral part of our team.


Professional Barrel Racer

Growing up I have been very interested and dedicated to choosing the best supplements to help my Rodeo horses become champions at the highest level. I have been using the Sharp Edge supplements for several years now and they are my number one go to supplement. I rely on these products because of the variety of uses and because I notice the improvements on my horses. I have tried all the products but there are a special few that I never stray from. My first favourite is the One-A-Day bag. I feed this to my pro rodeo horse Flurry and to my young futurity horse Ember. We spend several months constantly travelling to new places with lots of potential for sickness and this supplement is their defence. This gives them an extra immunity boost and helps them to stay strong throughout the entire season. I pair this with the happy belly bag because Flurry is prone to ulcers and together these bags soothe him tummy and make him overall stronger. I notice he is softer, more supple in his turns when his gut is not hurting. My other favourite bag, which I feed all my horses, is the Join Formula. It is never too early to support their joints when we compete in such a joint demanding sport. I especially like the turmeric ingredient in this bag because of its multipurpose effects. Before Sharpe Edge, I would go to the health food store and buy several single packaged ingredients like lysine, kelp, and turmeric, but now that it’s all in one bag it’s so easy and cost effective to have everything my horses need. My next favourite is the Mare Mix. My futurity colt is a mare and in the past year I have had to develop a whole new regimen for her multiple mare moods. I noticed she was struggles with her cycle, and during the summer months it completely set her off. I started her on the Mare Mix and soon she was engaging her hind end more, she stopped shaking her head, was softer in the face, and her performance in the arena increased significantly. I also noticed that she was scalding herself so Melissa recommended that I put her on the new kidney supplement and that also really helped. Not only do I noticed huge improvements in completion when using these products but my horses love them, they will lick them right out of my hand! In the last few years I have had a lot of success and I couldn’t have done that without the continued support of a company I wholeheartedly believe in! I feel privileged to be a part of such an incredible team and am excited for the new year together! Thank you to Melissa and Tracy for helping me reach my goals!


Barrel Racer & SharpEdge Co-Owner

My name is Natalie Kosterman and I’ve been using Sharpedge supplements for almost 10 years.  It started for me with a true “mare”, i was given some mare mix and saw results in weeks. After that i was hooked. Sharpedge has been the #1 staple in my feed program for every horse I have, from two year olds to retired horses. Being a part of Team Sharpedge is something I’m very proud of because I stand by these products and I believe in them. Sharpedge will always be a part of my program because it’s a product I will always stand behind ! #TeamSharpEdge


Professional Barrel Racer

 My favourite product is the Joint Formula. I love that it’s a product for any aged horse, for any discipline, and I personally feed it to my horses of all different ages! Before cactus was on the Joint formula, he had a tough time getting around and walked like a stiff old man. Cactus is now 32 and can lope around in the field. I will never stop feeding him the Joint Supplement!


Professional Barrel Racer & YouTube Creator

SharpEdge products have been a staple in my feeding program for many years. I used to purchase Tracy's herb mixtures before she even started the company! I love all the supplements but one I really cannot live without is Mare Mix. I made the mistake of running out of it once and will not let that happen again! It makes such a huge difference is my mares mood and comfort, I believe every mare can benefit from it. Theres some sort of magic in that bag! I am proud to be part of the SharpEdge team and represent a company who creates the best herbal supplements around.


Professional Barrel Racer

While hauling and traveling long distances, I feed Happy Belly. It gives me comfort knowing their stomachs are being taken care of and I’m doing my part to prevent ulcers.


Barrel Racer

Sharpedge is a key part in my program, all my horses thrive on these products! I’ve been feeding sharpedge for about 5 years now and the difference it has made in my horses is unreal. My main rodeo horse is quite a sensitive guy so Sharpedge has been amazing in finding a program that helps him to feel and work at his very best throughout the entire season.

A few years ago my oldest gelding was having some digestive issues, so we tested him with Equine Fit’s scan as well as some supplements in regards to how his body reacted only to find that One A Day from Sharpedge was a huge help in balancing his abnormalities out!

Then when we brought my yearling off of pasture last summer his coat was dull and he was lacking in muscle mass. I put him on Young & Old and One a Day and now he has filled out beautifully and reminds me more of his mom everyday. When I had my mares they both were on the infamous Mare Mix and let me tell you, if you have a mare I highly suggest you always keep a healthy supply of this supplement, it’s a game changer!

I wouldn’t be where I am
today without each and every one of my amazing horses I’ve been blessed to have in my life, and to know that they’re getting what they need to feel their best is the best feeling in the world. Sharpedge has helped my horses so much over the years, I couldn’t be prouder to be part of their team!


Professional Barrel Racer

My favourite product is Young and Old. I believe it’s important to focus on these 2 competitive age groups. I have personally fed it to my 16 year old and 4 year old barrel horses.