Team SharpEdge

Team SharpEdge is comprised of an incredible group of competitors from various levels, who use and love the SharpEdge products. Below you can see information on each team member and their favorite SharpEdge products.



Barrel Racer

My name is Natalie Kosterman and I’ve been using Sharpedge supplements for almost 10 years.  It started for me with a true “mare”, i was given some mare mix and saw results in weeks. After that i was hooked. Sharpedge has been the #1 staple in my feed program for every horse I have, from two year olds to retired horses. Being a part of Team Sharpedge is something I’m very proud of because I stand by these products and I believe in them. Sharpedge will always be a part of my program because it’s a product I will always stand behind ! #TeamSharpEdge


Professional Barrel Racer & YouTube Creator

SharpEdge products have been a staple in my feeding program for many years. I used to purchase Tracy's herb mixtures before she even started the company! I love all the supplements but one I really cannot live without is Mare Mix. I made the mistake of running out of it once and will not let that happen again! It makes such a huge difference is my mares mood and comfort, I believe every mare can benefit from it. Theres some sort of magic in that bag! I am proud to be part of the SharpEdge team and represent a company who creates the best herbal supplements around.



My name is Madelin Pozzobon, I am 18 years old, from Savona, British Columbia. For as long as I can remember Rodeo has been a huge aspect of my life, coming from a long line of great family competitors in the industry. I have been lucky enough to watch my big brother Cole and sister Carman succeed in the rodeo world. They have taught me to reach for the stars, and that anything is obtainable if you try hard and give it your all. I am pretty excited about my 2023 season, I have a handful of super talented horses to run in the aged events and rodeos. I’m very excited to add Sharpe Edge to my team as my number one goal every year is to have healthy, happy and winning horses all year long and this starts with their nutrition. I have had lots of success with their supplements in the past, and am over the moon to have them on my team!



My name is Bethany Waldron and I’m from Chester, SC. I currently race all over SC, NC, and GA. My main mount is a mare named Teezer Bullard who is 18 years old and definitely doesn’t show it. I have several other horses that are running or will be running by this summer. I also stand my own stallion and am working to start a breeding program. I am so excited to be on the SharpEdge Team!



My name is Kyla Krisa and my family and I currently live in Heffley Creek BC.
I have been a competitor for many years in addition to being a full time photographer as well as a wife and mother.
I have a herd of all mares that range from 2 yr old to broodmares as well as competitive rodeo and derby horses. We have goals this year of attending futurity and derbies as well as rodeos throughout BC and Alberta.
I have a strong interest in holistic and natural healing so it makes sense for Sharpe Edge to be a vital part of my program.
I am thrilled to be on the Sharpe Edge team this year and to support my team of mares with these incredible products.


My name is Avery Hanowski and I had a passion for horses since I was born. I had huge inspiration from my Grandpa Roger who was a farmer, but loved the cowboy lifestyle. I started riding at the age of 7 and never looked back. I fell in love with the sport, being around horses all the time, and creating that special bond. I started competing in barrel racing at 12 years old and knew I wanted to be a barrel racer for the rest of my life. I didn’t grow up in a rodeo or horse family. I had to learn the ropes of the sport by myself and with great mentors throughout my riding career. I had to work hard to get where I am today and I am still continuing to work hard to peruse my goals and dreams. I plan to become an Equine Therapist and an all around horse caregiver to help horses in need and to keep performance horses feeling their best. I love to expand my knowledge and learn new skills, so i am going to expand and learn the different kinds of treatments that are offered for horses and start my own business. If horses aren’t feeling their best, then they won’t perform their best. Nutrition is a key factor in performance horses and Sharp Edge Supplements has improved my horses performances and has benefited their health from day-to-day. I saw a major difference in my horses attitudes and work ethic when I started using Sharp Edge over a year ago. I’m so excited to be a part of the team and to be a representative for the 2023 season.



Hello my name is Brooke Pomeranz and I am a professional breakaway roper from Drayton Valley, Alberta. I have always lived and breathed roping and horses - it’s my passion. In the summers you can find me on the CPRA Rodeo Trail and in the winters I am in Arizona training rope horses. I’m so excited to be apart of the Sharp Edge team. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my horses, it is my priority to keep them feeling their best with Sharp Edge supplements!



My name is Morgynn Bishop, and I’m from Vancouver Island. I own 2 horses, one of them I plan to futurity next year, his name is Hot Wheels. Horse health has always been super important to me, and after trying mare mix for the first time, we were sold on SharpEdge!! My boyfriend and I plan to be on the road a lot this summer, between seasoning Hot Wheels, and working our business, Sky High Images. We are super excited to be filming at the Big Bang!! I look forward to having SharpEdge in my trailer!!



Hi my name is Ainslee Meise I am a 9 year old cowgirl from Prince George, BC. Horses and barrel racing have been a big part of my life for as long as I've been alive. My mom barrel races too, she has taught me pretty much all I know about horses, their health and barrel racing.
I am super excited for my 2023 season. We are planning to rodeo in BC again and go to some big barrel races throughout BC and Alberta.
When we aren't travelling, I spend time on our other horses learning to rope, and growing my skills in the English world as a jumper. I love trying new things that challenge me on my horses!
Our feed room has always had Sharp Edge supplements in it and now I get to be an official part of an amazing team. I have great trust they will help me keep my horses feeling their best all year long!


My name is Chelsea Sanders, I am the Owner/Operator of Heart Bar Performance Horses in Kelowna, British Columbia. I offer barrel racing & gymkhana clinics to all ages and levels of experience. This season I will be hosting clinics from Kispiox to Squamish and everywhere in between. I also have a group of students that will be hauling and competing with me this season and I am looking forward to their success, as much as my own! I am planning to compete on the British Columbia Barrel Racing Association, Canadian Barrel Racing, and the Kamloops Race Central circuits, as well as competing at the Big Bang and the Canadian Barrel Horse Incentive in Alberta. I have two amazing campaign horses under me this season and I am honored to be competing on them both.
I am excited to not only be a Sharp Edge Team Ambassador this season, but also a distributor for these amazing equine products! I have personally seen their results and look forward to sharing them with others.


My name is Simone Lamberton and I am 14 years old. I live in Kelowna, BC with my 3 horses. My main focus is BC Highschool rodeo where I compete in Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat tying, Breakaway & Team Roping. I’m learning to start and season my own horses and the more I learn, the more I realize how important their feeding program is. I have always used Sharp Edge Supplements, Mare mix for my spicy mare, Joint formula for all my horses to keep them feeling their best , and Iron horse to help them get through the long , tough season. I look forward to representing this amazing brand in 2023 ! Sharp Edge has kept my horses in top condition, which has helped me get to where I am today!



My name is Brooke Wills and I’m a Professional Barrel racer from Kamloops Bc, but just recently moved to Dawson Creek BC. I’ve been around horses for as long as I can remember. My parents put me on a horse at the age of 2 and I haven’t stopped riding since. I travel to pro rodeos all across Alberta, BC, and the United States. For the past couple of winters I would spend my time in Arizona, getting some younger horses going and getting my main mount ready for the upcoming seasons. I fulfilled a huge goal of qualifying for the Canadian Finals rodeo 2 times and coming home the Canadian Barrel racing Champion in 2019, all thanks to my amazing mare, Famey. I’m extremely great full for all the horses I’ve got to ride throughout the years as they’ve taught me so much, but Famey has definitely made dreams come true. One of my favourite things about SharpEdge is that they have a product for every horse. My family and I have fed these supplements for years to our senior horses as well as our 2 year olds and competitive barrel horses. I’m so excited to be a part of Team SharpEdge and look forward to a great year ahead!